This page  is a collection of links to railroad related, but not necesarily S&P, sites, videos, photos, and other topics of interest to a model railroader.

SlideshowAltoona, Horseshoe Curve, and the West Slope - requires Windows Media Player.  Photos were taken on a railfan trip to the locations named.
Slideshow -  The Eastern Shore  - requires Windows Media Player.  Dick Dent was a prolific photographer of things railroad.  Over his lifetime he took over 10,000 slides of railroads and railroad-related locations.  I was introduced to Dick just a few months before he died.  It was my privilege to know him, even if just briefly.  He was a good man.  This slideshow is a small tribute to him.

Slideshow - The Eastern Shore 2010 - requires Windows Media Player.  I had occasion to spend a few days in and about Chincoteague, VA,  and took a day out to retrace some the places shown in the video above.  Surprising how much has been preserved.

DC-3 Tribute


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