Operations  Training

Operations on the Solomons and Patuxent use a customized mixed system of paper documents to control and facilitate the movement of trains

Passenger Trains are moved by authority of a Passenger Train Order which combines a timetable and switchlist in addition to specific instructions governing the movement of the train


Freight Trains are moved by  freight Train Order issued at either Solomons, Owings, or Upper Marlboro.

TOrd Train Order - S&P(Left)

                      Train Order - SMRR in Locomotive Card (Right)                                  

Freight car forwarding is accomplished by variety of Waybills and Car Orders .  The system is designed to simulate customer-directed car ordering and movement and to minimize between session reorganization.  

Freight Waybill (left)

          Perishable Freight Waybill in Car Card (right)                                        

Perishable Freight Waybill (left)

                                                                   Car Order (right)

Empty Car Waybill (left)

                                                             LCL Waybill (right)

For most Customers these waybills are used in conjuntion with eight (8) pocket car card boxes on the fascia.  There is at least one card box per customer or facility (yard, interchange).  Some Customers who receive only and do not ship product require only six pockets per box.  Handling of Perishable freight  also differs from regular freight.

Freight Forwarding System Training

Each Operator on the S&P is provided with a binder containing a series of "Siituations" which can be encountered when arriving with a wayfreight at an industry.  Each situation describes the step-by-step process that an Operator must follow when specific conditions are encountered at each industry.  A link to the "Situation" pages is below.