The Oyster Fleet

The largest category of freight hauled by the S&P is packed seafood shipped by the various packing houses in Calvert County.  Some of the larger customers have made arrangements to lease reefers and have them painted with their advertising.  The older (truss-rod) reefers are decorated with the name and location of the lessee, while the newer reefers are full billboard style painted, usually, with a represenrtation of each packer's lithographed oyster can.

The photos below show these reefers as modeled.  The cars themselves are almost all Roundhouse kits that have been stripped, repainted, and custom decaled.  The truss-rods on the older reefers have been replaced with 12# test monofilament fishing line threaded with Grant Line turnbuckles.  

J.C. Lore - Billoard
Warren Denton& Co
H.M. Woodburn
J.C. Lore
Maryland Seafood Packers-Billboard
Warren Denton & Co-Billboard
B&W - Enroute West

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