More Photos

New Car 1

This is a Muncie & Western RR Co. 36' box car (Roundhouse kit) custom decaled for Ball Brothers Company in Muncie, IN.
Similar to the S&P gondola on the preceeding page the truss rods have Grandt Line turnbuckles threaded onto 12# test monofilament

New Car 2

This is another Roundhouse kit 36' reefer (same kit can be used for either box car or reefer) custom decaled for the H. M. Woodburn & Son oyster house in Solomons, MD in the 1930's.  It  is posed in front of a cardstock model of the old Woodburn buillding which was built on pilings over the water.  Disposed oyster shell eventually filled the area under the building.  This building and its successor were eventually torn down.  The site is now occupied by a seafood retaurant.

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